"I write my miserable songs. I write songs about disgust and self-pity. We’re all going to have bummer moments. That’s not the stuff I choose to share."
-  Jason Mraz
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"Someone’s mess is as important to admire as their beauty."
-  Jason Mraz (via epizzmynizz)
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"When I first started playing out, I was a little shy. I’d look at my hands, play the guitar, pull my hat brim over my eyes and it covered the fact I wasn’t making eye contact all of the time. It was a way for me to hide a little bit."
-  Jason Mraz
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"I decided that whenever I wrote a song, I’d write something that entertained me. I want to be surprised and uplifted. It’s not about formula—it’s about feeling."
-  Jason Mraz
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"Everyone freaks out when I talk about him. I don’t see him as Jason Mraz. I just see him as my goofy uncle."
-  Chaney, Jason’s niece
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"I rode to success rather quickly and easily. One feels a little like I beat the system. One way for me to offset that was to share that joy, to establish a foundation and share the wealth with organizations. It’s a way for me to feel better about what I am up to."
-  Jason Mraz
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"It is now 9:08 and I am still enjoying the overcast morning, my excuse to stay in bed and ruminate. The rooster crows late as well. Maybe it isn’t 9. Maybe all the alarms rang early today and it is only 7. It feels more like a 7 anyway. Or maybe I’m still dreaming. Or perhaps this is your dream. If that’s so, thank you for my life. I like it here."
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"You know, all my positive energy comes from the ‘lack of’"
-  Jason Mraz on ‘Where does all the positive energy in your music come from?’ (via officialjasonmraz)
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Song of the Day

"It’s a love song and it’s for all the gentlemen fellas out there to really listen. Because sometimes the ladies, they go a little crazy. They start crying… drinking a bottle of wine… and then they start saying nasty things about you. And then they start saying nasty things about themselves. So, fellas, gentlemen, dudes, brothers, uncles, husbands, grooms & boyfriends… lend me your ears. When they breakdown and they forget who they are, it’s up to you to love her, lift her up back into the woman you know her to be. This, my friends, is The Woman I Love.”

I’m only sunny in the world because I have darkness in my life and I use music and writing and performance and community as a  means to bring my presence back to happiness.
I’m only sunny in the world because I have darkness in my life 
and I use music and writing and performance and community as a means to bring my presence back to happiness.
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"Being miserable and bored. Anytime I get bored, I turn to music, collage painting and stuff. I open myself and suddenly I am surprised by a melody, word or an idea and I start from there. Rather than being depressed, I jump into music and try to understand what that feeling is."
-  Jason Mraz - “Where do you get your inspiration from?” (x)
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"I don’t want to put out a just a bunch of clever songs for the sake of selling songs. I like to ask questions about the world and I feel like once I have some worthy answers that will invite other people to ask questions or once I have worthy answers that I think will empower people that’s when I feel I am good with the music and I am not only putting out but I am ready to go back out on tour and sing these words with audiences. And I am in no hurry to just create a product for the sake of creating a product because once people buy a CD these days “what actually becomes of that CD”, I mean I guess this kind of connects to the Antarctica question. “What the heck are we going to do with all of our CDs after we leave this planet?”. So I am in no hurry to just jump and make shit and sell it, I want there to have to be a real purpose."
-  Jason Mraz
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"I enlisted the help of four amazing women musicians, and it’s mostly traditional instruments, no drums,” he explained. “You don’t get that pop sound, you don’t get the splashy cymbals. It’s just myself and the girls and all the harmonies of their voices. The album is a little more tender. The song styles are the same. It’s very heart-centered, spirit-based, positive, upbeat. This is a collaboration that has been in the works for about five years, so we’re finally going to bring it together."
-  Jason Mraz on his new album
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"I’m finishing a new record this month, out next year and back on the road. I enlisted four amazing female musicians (Mona is the featured percussionist in his live shows is part of the release). It’s tender, it’s lush, it still very much sounds like my records. It’s very positive, upbeat. This collaboration has been in the works about six years. We don’t have a name yet, but they’re called Raining Jane, so we’re thinking Jason and the Janes."
-  Jason Mraz on his new album
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"To remember that music is the reward. The reward isn’t screaming fans. The reward isn’t the money. The reward isn’t being on the radio. The reward is that relationship you have with music. And that is the foundation of your work; you’ll always be successful."
-  Jason Mraz